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Don't be stung by others, the Bee delivers the honey for the money!

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Just for Kicks or for serious transportation, Bumble Bee Bolt-On™ provides the power and looks to get you touring the country, biking to work, or riding you across campus in style. It's one of the lightest and most reliable, friction drive motorized bicycle engine kits available today!

We are proud to introduce the First Amercian made sidecar!

sidecar sidecar

Bumble Bee Bolt-On Bicycle Engines and Bike Bug Bicycle Engine co. who have over 70 yrs experience in manufacturing reliable bicycle engines and accessories. We have worked for several years together to develope some of the finest American made products.

We would like to introduce a limited edition of 50 handmade sidecars. All sidecars will be numbered. All sidecars are made of high quality Aluminum, with a polished finish. The frame is fully adjustable to fit most 26" bicycles. The sidecar will have marine grade led lights and will operate on a 12 volt battery which is located in the rear trunk battery compartment, which also has plenty of storage. You will also find a usb port for your devices. The sidecar has a weight capacity of 200 lbs.

The size of the sidecar is child size. You may also use as storage or take your favorite pet on a ride. Our sidecar is designed to last for many generations. This is the Rolls Royce of sidecars. This is the First sidecar in production by American company's, Bumble Bee Bolt-On Bicycle Engines and Bike Bug Bicycle Engine co. Bike Bug will be marketing and distributing the sidecars. Check the website www.bikebug.net for all pricing, videos, and any information you may require.The 50 Limited Edition sidecars will be highly desirable for all collectors.

This model will never be made again!

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Price: $600.95

Not only are these motorized bicycle engine kits simple, fun and practical, but they are also:

  1. Economical - Pennies a mile to operate, up to 175 miles on 1 gallon of gas
  2. Lightweight - Manufacturers shipping weight is only 10.8 lbs.
  3. Powerful - Maintains a cruising speed of 5 - 28 mph depending on the terrain.
  4. Simple / Easy - Bike engine completely assembled. Complete installation in under 45 minutes.
  5. One Bolt Installation - Engine fits majority of bike frames.
  6. Recreational - Fun and excitement for adults. Perfect for leisure, vacations, camping, commuting to work or on campus, and acts as support transportation for rv's, motor homes, and yachts.
  7. Durable / Dependable - American made and owner operated in Orange City, FL. Engineered for years of use and carries a 90 day limited manufactures defect warranty. Click Here for Questions on Warranty!!!

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