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Step 1

Rear-Wheel kit Step 1

Insert 1/4 '' x 2 '' bolt through mounting bracket and through front reflector bolt hole (most bikes have this hole) as shown also make sure to use Loctite on all bolts threads.


Step 2

Front-Wheel Kit Step 2

Install U - bolts as shown threaded ends towards front of bike, (you will need a 7/16 wrench or socket).


Step 3

Front-Wheel Kit Step 3

Slide the engine kit on to the mounting bracket as shown.


Step 4

front-Wheel kit Step 4

Install the R-pin through the hole on the mounting bracket.


Step 5

Front-Wheel Kit Step 5

Make sure the drive wheel is centered on tire.


Step 6

Front-Wheel Step 6

Install throttle lever (you will need Phillips screwdriver) to the right handle bar.


Step 7

Front-Wheel Kit Step 7

Install cable end into throttle by placing the cable barrel end into hole and pulling the wire through the u-shaped bracket on throttle.


Step 8

Front-Wheel Kit Step 8

Attach the throttle cable to handle bars by using the Velcro cable ties that come on the throttle cable.


Step 9

Front-Wheel Kit Step 9

Attach Velcro straps to forks on frame where needed to secure down throttle cable.


Step 10

Front-Wheel Kit Step 10

Install bungee tension cord as shown so that engine turns when bike wheel turns.


Step 11

Front-Wheel Kit Step 10

Install cable disengagement bracket to handle bars as shown (you will need a 1/2 inch wrench).


Step 12

front-Wheel Kit Step 10

Adjust lift cable clip and snap to engine as shown.


Step 13

Front-Wheel Kit Step 10

Install lift lever to left handle bar as shown (a Phillips screwdriver needed).


Step 14

Front-Wheel Kit Step 10

Install cable end into lift lever by placing the cable barrel end into hole and pulling the wire through the u-shaped bracket on lift lever.


Step 15

front-Wheel Kit Step 15

Adjust cable so the drive wheel lifts off tire as shown.


Long Term Disengage

front-Wheel Long Term Disengage

Detach bungee from mounting bracket and bring over to handle bars and attach. Adjust so drive wheel is above bicycle wheel.


Completed Kit:

Front-Wheel Completed

Important! Before you ride, make sure your fuel is mixed correctly 40:1 ratio use premium 2 cycle oil. To start engine when cold pump fuel bulb located on top of carburetor 4x to 6x or until full of fuel. Move choke to full choke peddle bike to 3 to 5 mph and engage engine on to the tire.When engine starts to fire open choke and you'll be on your way.


- Operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit involves some risk of serious bodily injury . Buyer accepts responsibility for any and all vehicle operation that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, other losses, costs and damages. Remember always wear a helmet and have proper lights for night riding, Check your county and states bicycle Laws before riding.
- Manufacturer and seller is not responsible for injuries and/or damages resulting from operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit.