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Testimonies header

" I love that it doesn't look like a lawn mower strapped to the side of my bike. I also like that it's black and no longer yellow. Thanks for your help. " Mark - St. Louis, MO Click Here for Pic


" Love the motor thanks alot and i will enjoy every minute of riding around town" Joshua - Port St. Lucie, FL Click Here for Pic


" I will be picking up another drive wheel when I get my next check probably  somewhere around the third of next month. See I'm paralyzed and am in a wheelchair from a motorcycle wreck 30 years ago. An the hand cycle or trike is a necessity for me if I'm going to ride a bike anymore. (An I'm Going To Ride!!!) I was a mechanic so working on things is something I still do well. I wish I would of known about this kit before I bought the Nexus 8 speed internal hub for my bike to help me with the hills around here since I live in the hill country of Texas.  Thanks and I'll be looking forward to buying another drive wheel soon and will definitely spread the word about yall." Reefard - Kerrville, TX Click Here for Pic


"Very dependable. Over 2,231 miles on motor and still using the same tires. Highly recommended" Nolan - Sanford, FL


"Great transportation.Used my Bumble Bee after hurricane Andrew when most people couldn't get around" Bill - Kendall, FL


"3,200 Miles on my Bumble Bee and still going strong. I ride with friends every Saturday" Karen - Atlanta, GA


"I have had two Bumble Bee bikes for ten years and both still run good" Dennis - Longwood, FL


"I had my Bumble Bee in 2004 and sold it in 2006 and now I wish I had never sold it" Paul - Webster, MA


"The Bumble Bee system is the simplest and very reliable kit. I clean my engine every 500 miles instead of having to work on it every 20 miles. I ride without carrying a toolbox!" Charlie - Longwood, FL


If you want us to post your testimonies E-mail us at bee@bumblebeebolton.com and give us your testimony and a picture!


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